Digital Marketing | The Actual and Potential Strategies

Evan Tynan

August 24, 2022

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing all the time. Some of these are micro-moments, artificial intelligence (AI), video, augmented reality, and more. Here are a few examples. In the fast-paced, data-driven world of today, micro-moments are very important for digital marketing. These small moments give customers and brands a chance to connect on their own, which can lead to better engagement and more sales. Customers can look up and learn about new products and services with their smartphones. In stores, 82% of people who have a smartphone use it to help them decide what to buy. Businesses can connect with customers in the most meaningful way during these times. It’s important to remember that micro-moments are different from aha moments and micro-interactions.

A micro-moment is a quick decision that someone makes while they are doing something else. Marketers have to think ahead and be ready for these moments. This will help make marketing campaigns that reach the right people and increase ROI. But when it comes to micro-moments, marketers face a number of problems.

AI technology

AI technology can change the way you do business when it’s used in digital marketing. It will let you customize the marketing emails you send to your subscribers based on how they act and what they do. This will get more people to open, click through, and be happy with your business. Also, marketing tools that use AI will help your sales and customer service. Here are some ways that this new technology can help your business. Continue reading to learn more.

AI is useful for dividing up consumers into groups. It makes it easier to find the best information for them. For instance, if a customer likes to watch a certain movie, an AI algorithm will suggest it. It can also help you find the best deals and offers for the people who read your blog. Digital marketers are finding that this tech is becoming more and more useful. How do they use AI, though? Let’s talk about these things and more. When you know how AI can help your business, you can make a good choice.

One of the best things about augmented reality is that it can show off products in the best way. In the past, marketing painted a neat picture of the brand that didn’t always match what the product was like. With this technology, marketers can tell a story about how their products work in the real world and let customers create their own experiences around them.


Digital marketing is becoming more and more interested in video, whether it’s on YouTube or Facebook Live. A behind-the-scenes video can show off a company’s products and services by showing how the product is made. Using blooper reels and team-building exercises, they can also use video to build a good company culture. This type of video can be used in a lot of different ways and should be a part of your overall marketing plan.

Ninety-six percent of B2B advertisers use videos in their ads, according to a recent study. Due to the cost, smaller B2C businesses have been slower to use video. But the trend is here to stay, and companies are already making money from it. Even though the video is becoming more and more popular in digital marketing, many companies still don’t know how to use it best. Also, the cost of production may have made it hard for them to do what they wanted to do.

Augmented reality (AR) has become a big marketing trend in the past few years. It has been used in different ways to get people interested and boost sales. For example, AMC Theatres has used it to show previews of movies and sell tickets online. It is also being used by other brands to teach future generations about climate change. More people are getting access to the technology, and it will continue to change how we market to consumers.


In 2022, email designers will have more freedom and options in how they design emails. In 2022, Gifs will also be more important. Email designers can give customers a more personalized experience by using contact properties, behavior data powered by AI, and dynamic content. Changes like these are good for email marketing and the digital marketing industry as a whole.

As digital marketing has grown, email has become an important part of how businesses market themselves. Email marketing, mobile marketing, social media, and content marketing are all things that are popular in digital marketing right now. By using these strategies in your campaign, you can make a strong impression on the people you want to reach. Emails are a great way to stay in touch with customers, promote products, and build relationships. Use these trends if you want to stay current and ahead of your competitors.